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Monday, August 11, 2014

Surreal Self Portrait Teacher Staff Development (lesson Plan)

I have had such a wonderful summer! I hope all of you have too! Today I taught a teacher staff development to some Art teachers on watercolor! If you remember our surreal self portraits from last year, that is the lesson. I have included a more detailed description below of the steps we followed if this is something you would like to do with your class this year. It was one of my favorite projects. You can use a regular projector if you don't have an active board and let the kids take "selfies" with itouch/phones/ ipads/cameras 

The teachers today made some awesome self portraits. You can see most of them are not finished yet, but they already looked amazing and they were inspired to do this with their students this year!!

                                                                 Surreal Self Portraits

-Intro- letting kids take control of their watercolor painting by knowing lots of techniques and getting inspired!!
- Instructions starting with tracing (explanation) it is their photo so they still own it, develop composition and discuss composition what could make it surreal  (inspire with art)

-Sketch a rough draft front and back and be able to explain why its surreal
1.Trace face
Eyes-eye lids, iris, pupil, reflection of light)
 nose (no lines on the side, we will paint shadows there)
mouth- lips but no lines in between the teeth
hair- outline the “shinys” and the dark parts sketch animal into the picture
then trace animal
2. while the rest of the class finishes their drawings, students begin outlining with a ultra fine tip sharpie and adding texture to animal and hair. Scales, hair, spots, feathers. Draw some follow the leader line hairs that follow a certain direction
3. when everyone has finished 2 start with hair and skin tones painting
Students mix skin tones with water,  squirt of brown, a drip of red, and a drip of yellow, and drip of pink mix with water and test on test paper until the desired color is achieved then paint the face, don’t forget arms, neck, and ears with that color.
Leave teeth, eyes, and shinys white
While paint is wet blot the cheeks, forehead and chin with tissue. The areas that stick out on your face catch the light
When the face is dry, choose the light source right or left and add another layer of skin tone to the shadowed areas (side of nose, under eye brow eye lid, under bottom lip, under chin on neck and side of the face/forehead)
4. Paint the hair, but pay close attention to shadows and shinys (I have to find five shades of brown/blonde/red  on hair it can’t be solid. There HAS to be shineys
5. paint eyes and mouth mix a bit of red/pink to skin tone for lips. Use black sharpie for the pupil, paint iris careful to leave the shiny white. Use tiny tiny brush for eyes, add eyelashes every so softly whisper brush
6. paint clothes and animal, must use value for every part When choosing color for the clothes and the animal they can paint the animal colorful but then they need a neutral background. If the animal is black and white/ brown/ or neutral colors, then make a colorful background. The colored parts will POP and the neutral parts will set back. They can give unity to the composition by tying in colors of the animal in the person’s clothes or accessories
Techniques: students can paint wet on wet for their backgrounds, then add details when it dries. If they wanted to splatter paint, I wanted some kind of light color in the background first

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July Tie Dye

So, my family is really BIG on celebrating the Fourth of July! We go all out and the festivities last upwards of one week!! My kids have lots of cousins and I usually do an annual photo with all my nieces and nephew. We have done tie dye before, so I wanted to amp it up for the 4th and add monograms and matching outfits! 

First, my friend monogrammed all of the t-shirts for me. She is amazing and I would LOVE if you went to her new business and gave her some LOVE by liking her page!! Monogram Princess
She sells lots of cute things too!

Next we tied up the shirts with rubber bands and soaked them in soda ash. You can buy it at the craft store. It actually enhances the colors of your tie dye!

I bunched up the monogram and put seran wrap over it and tied it with a rubber band to keep dye off of it.
We used the Tulip brand tie dye which is my favorite. It comes with gloves and rubber bands too and its SOOOOO easy! You don't have to be crafy or artsy to do this!

Heres my advice...WEAR the GLOVES!!

When you take the shirts out, wring them out really good before you start tie dying. Cover your shirt very good and try to get the dye in all the cracks or you will be surprised when you open it how much you missed. You really need to use alot of the dye and get it pretty saturated
 It will get all over you so wear old clothes/bathing suits. My 4 yr old got it all over her legs and even on her takes several showers before it comes off!!

When you finish, place the shirts in a ziplock bag and let them sit over night. The longer they stay in the bag, the brighter the colors will be. You can even let them sit a few days. (We couldn't wait that long!) I have five nieces 6 and under!!

You can see the little white blob where I tied up the monogram covered in plastic wrap!

When you open the bag, you can lay them on the grass and gently run the hose over them but don't ring them out! Just place them in the washing machine, and wash on a cold gentle cycle, but put it on a SUPER LARGE setting so it fills the machine with LOTS of water to dilute all the dye that will be floating around. 

I hope you have fun Tie Dying! Send me your pictures!!! Happy Fourth of July from our little firecrackers to yours!!!

I am SO honored to be able to celebrate this holiday because of ALL the people who have paid the price for me to have this privilage! My grandfather (below) was one of them. My grandfather stormed the beach at Normandy 70 years ago. He recalled the color of the sea being completely red as he rushed out onto the beach with thousands of bullets flying overhead after an arduous journey across the sea hearing torpedos speed past his ship nightly, wondering when/if each one would be the last. He was a prisoner of war who escaped, he survived a line up at the Massacre of Malmedy where he fell just before the bullets hit him and was able to fake his death and the bayonets that preceded the firing line. He carried an injured soldier on his back for 12 miles and hid in enemy teritory for 7 days before being reunited with his battalion! My grandfather was a hero! He went on to marry and serve as a missionary in Jamaica with my grandmother and my mom for many years. My grandparents leave behind a beautiful legacy of unconditional love, faith, courage, and honor.  I grew up next door to my grandparents and didn't hear any of his heroic stories until a few years before he passed. It is because of all the people like my grandpa who have made such sacrifices, that I am so blessed to be able to celebrate and live this beautiful life of freedom! God Bless America! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Father's Day Coffee Painted Sepia Eagles!

Today we started a fun little one day project for Father's Day and Memorial Day. We need simple stuff since school is almost out so I had a can of Instant coffee and we made some Sepia artwork!! 

When I asked the students if their daddys/grandfathers liked coffee they ALL raised their hands!! 

We looked at several sepia photos on the internet, and then I had the students do the step by step draw along I created above

I gave each table a plate with some instant coffee....gently rub a wet brush on the coffee and it slowly dissolves into a nice sepia tone 

These are the parts they painted with coffee first

Then they could add a very small amount of color on the sepia painting

My daughter is in kindergarten, and I was so proud of how her Eagle turned out...I'm sure it won't be a surprise for daddy after I post this, Oh well :-)

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